Lifestyle Redesign for Conscious People

The purpose of this website is to track and document my efforts of rethinking and redesigning my life. You can expect to see two regular postings a week.

 By the time I turn 35, my goal is to:

  • Be doing something that I really enjoy and find meaningful
  • Be in total control of my own health and fitness
  • Be fully satisfied in my parenting ability and efforts
  • Be financially secure with passive sources of income
  • Be living in a big city that offers me the stimulation I crave 
  • Be travelling freely and pursuing crazy interests together with my family
  • Be reading voraciously in a systematic way
  • Have a system in place helping others in a structured and continuous manner

(These are not in any special order!)

I also do wish to build a network of like-minded individuals around this website who exchange ideas and enjoy stimulating conversations. Individuals who see themselves and their lives as the ultimate work-in-progress, the ultimate project…

I strongly feel that we are accountable for how our lives turn out! The good thing about being accountable is that it implies we have control over how it turns out. For me, this realization was very liberating (and a little scary!).

I hope that you keep coming back to this website, not just to read but to contribute ideas. Ideas that we might formulate into life redesign projects. These projects could be short or long-winded, common&obvious or odd&unique or anything in between. 

The projects I would like to tackle in the near future are as follows:

1. Embark on a reading program. I have not been reading as much as I would like and this is going to change. I will read consistently and keep track of my reading on this website. If there are people out there that would like to join me on this reading journey, I am very open to holding discussions and creating a reading group. I might create a forum for this purpose if we have an adequate number of takers.

2. Eat healthy. This will not be a diet. Just making sure I am conscious about my eating and instilling good habits. I do cook but I feel I need to get more conscious about what I eat and what I feed my kids and ensure we meet all nutritional needs. After I am done breastfeeding, I would like to explore Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition (CRON).  

3. Get fit, real fit. I have been exercising on and off for a while now. I have run a marathon and a half marathon. I am sick and tired of being healthy and fit but never super fit! I would like to take it to the next level. Starting in 2011 I will get myself on an ambitious program. I would like to see my abs.

4. Explore passive income opportunities. Ideas are domain parking and trading, online writing, blogs, publishing e-books, possibly real estate, for now..

4. Create a homeschooling plan for my son. Burak and I are not planning on homeschooling Firat. That said, I really enjoy teaching my son and I get huge satisfaction out of watching him learn. He is 5 and has another summer before he goes to kindergarten and I want to make sure I expose him to as many experiences as I can before he starts school. I taught him how to read after he turned four and now I want him to develop interests. Interest in music, books, cultures, languages, sports.. I will let him take his pick(s)! I have a website,, that I used to keep for all things Firat, anecdotes on his adventures and pictures so that our families abroad feel more connected. After I had my second son, Derin, I started another website

4. Train for another marathon. I ran the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon in May 2007 and the Akron RoadRunner Half-Marathon in September 2008. My goal is to run another marathon in early 2011, the goal will be to finish in under 4:30 and then another in late 2011, the goal for that one will be to finish under 4 hours. Update:  I completed the Cleveland RiteAid Marathon a second time this year (2011), but not under 4:30. It was more like 5:05 :(  So my new goal is to complete another marathon in 2011 and approach training more scientifically so I can control my results better. 

5. Reduce my carbon footprint. I am already quite conscious about treating the environment well. I want to make sure to not lose sight of this and so I am making this one of my goals.  

6. 30-day trials. I read Steve Pavlina’s website. He uses 30-day trials as a personal growth tool when he wants to establish new habits. Here  is his post that explains this concept in more detail. I like the concept and I plan on doing some trials when I want to try new habits on for size. I will track my progress and write about my results here.

This list is on-going and subject to change. I would love to hear what your projects are! Please do tell!

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